Rehabilitation of mine sites

Issues & Objectives

The rehabilitation of mining sites in Guyana is a major environmental issue. Indeed, mining is located in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. This is why SMSE, along with other  companies pioneering the rehabilitation of mining sites in Guyana, are trying to develop and share innovative techniques with the various players in the Guyanese gold industry.

The aim is to provide operators wishing to limit their impact on the environment with effective rehabilitation techniques adapted to the Guyanese context. The SMSE hopes to participate in a general awareness of the mining sector towards the environment and to make known to the general public the actions implemented.

The rehabilitation of a mine site takes place in 4 stages:


Banquettes enherbées (St-Auguste 2018)

Land remodeling

It involves repositioning the rivers in their original beds (in the case of an alluvial exploitation) and remodeling of the land necessary for the implantation of plant species.

Enherbement à St-Auguste 2017

Grass covering

In order to fight erosion and improve soil structure and fertility, herbaceous vegetation cover can be put in place. The grass is used as a transitional stage. A plantation of forest species will then take place in order to complete the rehabilitation of the site.

Pépinière de St-Elie 2017

The nursery

The objective of the nursery located directly at the mine site is to prepare and produce a sufficient quantity of the plants that will be used during the reforestation of the site.

Plantation ingas (Pactole 2012)


The implantation of various tree species on the mining site will attract the surrounding fauna, create new habitats and thus promote the natural closure of the environment by allowing the forest to recolonize the space left empty.