CME’s history is intimately linked to that of its founder, Gerard Ostorero, who presided the company since its inception in 1991 until 2001, year of his death. Field’s man, daring and tenacious, he worked in various sectors of activity before the discovery of mining.

Operator in a tuff quarry in its early years, and then Manager of a large international company of fresh fish trade. Native of Savoy, he moved to Brazil in 1974. He specialized in transportation of public works materials, participated in the construction of the underground metro of Rio, and also the back filling activities of the barra area of Tijuca. By doing so, this activity will lead him North of Brazil where he finally started gold mining. At the end of 1980, after several successful experiences, he decided to continue this activity in French Guiana, frontier region of the Brazilian State of Amapa.

He founded the CME there in 1991 after obtaining a personal research permit at the Espérance mine site. Mining begins with the alluvial resource, which is abundant and provides funding for the development of the Espérance primary mine, which will process the ore from the primary deposit until production stops in 2010.

In 1992, CME took over the alluvial mining of the Saint Elie Mine before Guyanor took over the concession and created the Société des Mines de Saint-Élie. After a first phase of reconnaissance, the exploration is launched and will last until 1998. In 2002, CME acquired the Société des Mines de Saint Elie from Guyanor and planned the start of operations. Primary production at this second mine lasted from 2005 to the end of 2018 with the dismantling of the primary plant, while alluvial production lasted until 2019.

To this day the sites of Espérance and Saint-Elie no longer produce gold. The Espérance site is at the heart of an exploration phase aimed at best estimating the deposit present in the mother rock; as the Saint-Elie site comes to the end of an important phase of rehabilitation and revegetation, and will then see the beginning of an exploration phase aimed at the best estimate of the gold resource still present in the subsoil.