Guiana’s gold

There are currently 20 000 km² of prospective geology to explore in the Northern and central Guiana with possible gold mineralization. New tools (Geophysics high resolution mapping) and new concepts developed in neighboring countries will allow to develop world-class mines in the French Department for the future years.

75% of Guiana’s territory (62 800km²) has favorable geological structures areas for new mineralization’s discoveries (mining potential), and that is for every metals.


Past exploration campaigns held by the BRGM (Bureau de Recherches Geologiques et Minieres, i.e.: French geological survey) during mining inventory were selective, based on the past ideas, with limited resources. The BRGM’s databases and concepts dates back more than 20 years and cannot be used alone as general reference for future explorations studies.


Mineral occurrences, geochemical signatures and compiled past alluvial diggings sites information, allows identifying good potential exploration areas. Following map shows those areas. Produced by the FEDOMG, those maps are based on cumulative geological information given by different experts’ data.

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2011 Symposium