CME, Compagnie Minière Espérance, is a French company specialized in the exploration and exploitation of gold mining deposits. It operates exclusively in the department of Guiana in South America. The CME holds the SMSE (Société des Mines de Saint Elie) acquired from Guyanor in 2002. CME and SMSE are Simplified Share Companies (SAS) whose entire capital is held by a family shareholder.


Since its creation in 1991, the CME has financed its development mainly in equity, reinvesting a part of its profits each year. Today, in the absence of production at its Espérance and Saint-Elie sites, the CME concentrates its efforts on research and exploration in order to re-estimate the gold potential at its disposal.


A responsible actor, the company is committed to ensuring the health, safety and well-being of its staff on a daily basis, but also to controlling the impacts of its activity on the environment. The development of specific techniques has enabled the rehabilitation of more than 250 ha at the Saint-Elie site, and since 2012, nearly 100,000 trees have been planted in deforested areas.
The CME shares the methods used during the rehabilitation via educational videos or by organizing visits to the Saint-Elie mine for the institutions. The objective is to create a dynamic exchange between the different actors in order to improve methods, tools and increase the skills of the sector in this area.


As a citizen and dynamic company, it plays a central role in the reorganisation of the mining sector (FEDOMG, Grappe Orkidée...) in Guyana. Since its creation, it has been actively campaigning for better recognition of the gold sector in Guyana, the department’s second largest exporter after space.