The Company

CME, “Compagnie Miniere Esperance”, is a French company specialized in gold mineral deposits mining. Its mining operations are located exclusively in the Department of French Guiana in South America. CME owns the SMSE (Societe des Mines de Saint-Elie) acquired from Guyanor in 2002. CME and SMSE are simplified corporation shares (SAS) whose entire capital is held by a family shareholders.

With two open-pit mines, Esperance and Saint Elie, CME is one of the most important gold producers in Guiana. Its production is regularly sold on the market, unconstrained by sale’s contract (gold hedging). The company’s turnover exceeds the 7 million EUR carried by the world’s gold price increase context. For the year 2016, its production goal was greater than 500 kg.

Since its creation in 1991, CME mostly financed its development in equity, each year by reinvesting a portion of its profits. Today, it concentrates its efforts on the development of its mines to increase their performance and sustain production through better resources management.

Responsible stakeholder, the company is committed to control its environmental impact and to ensure health, safety and well-being for its staff on a daily basis. It focuses on being open to the community and organizes visits to its sites on a regular basis, in order to reveal technical, economic, social and environmental issues related to mining exploitation in the Amazon Forest.

Corporate citizen and dynamic, CME plays a central role in the sector’s reorganization (FEDOMG, grappe Orkidee...) in Guiana. Since the beginning, the company is extensively involved in campaigning for a better recognition of gold in Guiana, second sector of exportation after aerospace.