Human and social dimensions

CME pays close attention to develop community life in the vicinity of the mine. This approach concern local employment. For example, the people who work on the barges from Apatou. CME is also involved by indirect actions such as lending staff for cargo manipulation at the airport, equipment loan, landscaping works at the he Maroni’s school, maintenance, specific works and a participation to local celebrations.


Since the beginning, CME has decided to help young people to get a good education in Guiana and in France. Partnerships with several engineering schools, some BTS and vocational training sectors (Regiment of Guiana Adapted Military Service) have been conducted.
Since 2005, at least 10 young ones have been given the opportunity to get an internship in their professional domains and/or technical mining projects.


Since CME has a good knowledge of the region, it participates to the fight against the clandestine artisanal activities. The exchange of information with local authorities helps to prepare control operations.
In many occasions, CME has done field works helping access to the illegal artisanal areas. These actions will allow to keep a good environment for both, mine employees and local residents.



Since the beginning, CME’s corporate culture incorporates openness to cultural diversity. Concerned to preserve equality of treatment between each individual, CME insists to ensure quality in its hospitality for all employees regardless of their origins.



This policy generated by the board promotes the richness of human relationships and well-being at work. Instructions, but also the ideas, opinions, stories, music, cuisine and culture are always transmitted in 5 languages (french, creole, Taki Taki, English and Portuguese from both Brazil and Portugal) between all the employees and every hierarchical levels.

CME leaders are the first to encourage these multilingual exchanges. They speak perfectly all of the languages used on the mine site. Employees have the freedom to express their point of view to their superiors in their own native language.

These features contribute to create a unique atmosphere, excellent for the fast integration of new employees and also to give a sense of fulfilment to everybody.



CME guarantees equality of opportunities by allowing women to find their place in a mining environment once reserved for men. All positions are available for women within the company. Whether it is a position in the kitchen or in the high administration, including all technical positions (geologists, mining engineer, environmental engineer) or a post with more liability (like mine chief assistant).



This concern also aims to guarantee irreprehensive conditions for people with disabilities. Specific improvements have been made on all of CME sites. Changes have been made at the Matoury office building (elevator, ramps…), traffic and overall security at the mine sites (crossings, enlargement of crossing areas, accessible washrooms) and treatment plants (quad accessibility, enhanced guardrails).