Health and Safety Policy

Vegetable garden at the Saint-Elie mine site

The employees’ general living conditions is a priority for CME. The well-being, health and safety of all must be ensured despite the site distance.


Healthy diet

To promote diversified meals, a vegetable garden and a henhouse were created. A beef cattle and pig farms have also been made and tested. Potable water comes from a protected well. The water is filtered and chlorinated by an automatic Dosatron type system. Samples are sent on a regular basis to the Pasteur Institute of Cayenne for treatment quality control.


Minimizing emissions

Measures are taken to minimize sound and dust emissions around the employees’ camp. The electrical generator is located at the opposite side of the dormitories. The future plant will be located further away. The haulage trucks access roads have been specially studied and traced in order to preserve the tranquility of the camp area.


Ensuring security

Inspectors are invited every year on the mine site to perform standards and safety compliance requirements verifications. Electrical systems, machines, engines and lift trucks are all verified. Operators get safety trainings on how to operate their machines, fire extinguishers and to implement procedures in the case of an emergency.


Keeping healthy people

Employees’ health is controlled every year during the doctor’s visit on-site. Recue training courses are organized regularly in order to ensure the best response possible in case of an accident.